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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

I’m a long time collector of  Original Finish models, Custom models and Artist Resins. Because of this I know the importance of accurate descriptions and attention to detail. While I cannot possibly be held accountable for individual tastes, I want to assure you that your satisfaction with my artwork is paramount to me and that you can buy with confidence, because I will do what I can within my control, to make you happy with your purchase.

If you decide you just do not like your piece of Original Artwork, notify me by email within seven (7) days of receiving the piece and I will do everything I can, up to and including refunding your purchase price.

On Commission pieces, I do my level best to keep you updated on the progress of your piece and once it is completed, several studio photographs will be sent to you to approve before the final payment is accepted and the piece is mailed out. If you decide you do not want the finished product, you do this with the understanding that since all art appreciation is subjective, your initial deposit and subsequent payments are NON-Refundable and that you give up all rights to the design, and/or ownership of the final piece and that Begin Again Studio and its agents, owner or representatives will then own all rights to the piece and may dispose of it at will.

All Original Finish pieces (those sold as received from the original factory or owner) are sold AS IS.

Privacy & Safety

Your personal information will never be for sale from my site and your information is protected.


If you suspect fraudulent activity on your credit card, you should notify your credit card issuer immediately. I will offer any assistance I can to aid your bank in their investigation.

Consignment Pieces

On occasion I will accept Original Finish, Custom Finish and Artist Resins from other hobbyists to sell on consignment. These pieces will be described in detail, including any special considerations they may hold. Since they are not my pieces I cannot accept returns on them. 

Interest in Consigning a Piece

If you are interested in placing items with me to sell on consignment, please fill out this form and I will contact you.

Consignment Inquiry

Thanks for considering consignment!

Payment Methods


 *Credit/Debit Cards*


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