Frequently asked questions

How much money is required up front on a commission?

A 50% deposit will be required to start a commission. The balance will be due before I can send your completed piece to you. I will keep you updated throughout the process.

Can I use one of my own models for a commission?

Yes! You can absolutely send me a model you already own. I will have to have it in my hands in order to give you an exact cost of your project but since I won't have to buy you a model, you will save money!

Can I make payments on a commission? on a sales piece?

Contact me first for approval but then... Absolutely! On commissions, I will not begin your project until I have received at least 50% of the total due, but you can send any amount to get to that point. You can continue with payments up until I let you know the piece is completed, at which point the balance will be due in full. On sales pieces the total balance due must be paid within 60 days. I will send you a PayPal invoice that will allow payments, once you are approved for payments.

What happens if I don't finish paying for the model?

Unfortunately, after 60 days your sales piece item will be put back up for sale and any payments you've made to that point will be forfeited by you. On commissions, the piece will either be destroyed or sold as a sales piece at my discretion. I too have bills to pay and just the supplies to do the pieces are very costly!

Do you have any references?

Yes, I am known in the hobby. You can find me on Facebook on the Model Horse Transaction pages, by simply typing my name, Jody Jones in the search line of those pages. You can also find me on Mercari and MH$ Also I have 100% positive feedback on eBay. Find me by searching "JJSOJOURN" or by using this link:

Do you customize China and Porcelain?

Yes, I can paint China and Porcelain that is fired, but I cannot strip or resculpt as I do not have a kiln. Contact me first because specialized products will need to be used.

How long does it take to do a commission?

That is difficult to say before knowing what you want done and in which medium you want it done in. Many things will determine the time, i.e., finding a model, technique used, amount of hand finishing required, medium used, etc.