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Accepting Commissions

My book for Portrait Models is currently open and I am accepting commissions on a limited basis. Please contact me to discuss in detail the work you would like done. While giving you definitive pricing can only occur after talking with you and understanding your ideas, I am listing generalized pricing below so that you can have an idea of a cost range. You will have to contact me to get exact pricing and a quote will be sent to you for approval prior to any invoicing.

These prices do not include the cost of the model. I do have some body models on hand but I may have to search for your particular request to purchase. Your approval will of course, be requested.


Base Prices : Based on acrylic paints, with other mediums as needed 

Solid body color, with minimal leg and facial white markings. Reasonable prepping and priming and return shipping within the United States is included. Extreme body markings, for example, ticking, spotting, roaning, Appy and/or Pinto patterns will be an additional charge to the base price. Also, the use of hand painted Oils will have an additional charge. Base price does not include, extreme prepping, repair or re-sculpting. Please contact me so we can discuss your project in detail and I can provide you with complete pricing.

Large Scale (anything larger than 1:8th scale, will be priced on a piece by piece basis

Traditional (1:8th to 1:12th Scale)              $250

Classic          (1:12th to 1:18th Scale)            $175

Curio/Venti (1:18th to 1:24th Scale            $125

Stablemate   (1:20th to 1:32nd Scale)         $65

Micro Minis (1/64th Scale)  I am currently not accepting any micro commissions smaller than 1/32nd scale.

Medallions will be priced on an individual basis. Prices can run from $50 and up.


Extreme, Prepping & Priming may include: 

Stripping previous custom work, re-sculpting body parts or manes and tails, excessive sanding or body work, etc. Extreme prep is most often not needed. Until I have the model in hand I cannot give an exact amount on prep work that will be required, but here are averages and approximate costs:

Traditional & Classic Models - $25 - $100 additional, 

Stablemates & Curio - $10 - $25 additional

Hand Finished Markings : 

I quote on a piece by piece basis. I have done enough customs that I can quite accurately assess my time involved for the amount of detail work and markings you want. 

This price is in addition to the Base Price.

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