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Accepting Commissions

My book for commissions is currently open.  Please contact me to discuss in detail the work you would like done. While giving you definitive pricing can only occur after talking with you and understanding your ideas, I am listing generalized pricing below so that you can have an idea of a cost range.

These prices do not include the cost of the model. You can supply the body, or I do have some body models on hand, or one can be found for you at your cost. 


Base Prices IncludeBased on acrylic paints, with other mediums as needed 

Solid body color, with minimal leg and facial white markings. One hour of Prep and return shipping with-in the Continental United States.

The use of hand painted Oils will have an additional charge. 

Large Scale : (anything larger than 1:8th scale, will be priced on a piece by piece basis


Traditional and Classic:  (1:8th to 1:12th Scale)                             $250 

Full Body Dappled Greys, Add:                                                              $250 (fewer dapples = less $)

Paints/Pintos, Add:                                                                                    $150

Roans, Add:                                                                                                     $100

Appaloosas are priced on an individual basis

Venti, Curio and Stablemate:  (1:20th to 1:32th Scale)               $125

Full Body Dappled Greys, Add:                                                            $150

Paints/Pintos, Add:                                                                                     $75

Roans, Add:                                                                                                      $50

Appaloosas are priced on an individual basis

Medallions:  priced on an individual basis. Prices start at $85 and go up.

I no longer accept any micro commissions smaller than 1/32nd scale.


Prepping & Priming :                                                                                      $25 per hour with the first hour Free.

Prep includes: Stripping previous custom paint, removing seams, logos and irregularities and sanding. 

Body filling gouges, scrapes and holes, filling pin holes or removing and re-sculpting manes, tails or ears.

If you want any extreme body customization done, please send your model to a sculpting artist first.


Additional Paint Work Charges Include:  

Any white markings that extend above the knees or are larger than a facial blaze.

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