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Jody Jones, Artist  ~My Life in the Hobby ~

 I have been a Breyer collector for over 55 years (since I was 5 years old) and I am still insanely active in the hobby of model horse and animal collecting and customizing.

For over 35 years I was an Equine Trainer. I was known for colt starting and fixing behavioral issues. I first began in Endurance Riding and Competing but once I had a family of my own, I switched to dealing more with Equine Facility and Herd Management, specializing in Reining and then Dressage. Later I added general riding lessons focusing on horse/rider communication and developing a better seat and more responsive hands. During this time I was also an all breed show dog handler and groomer. I was, BUSY, Busy, busy and I loved it.

Then around 2005 my elderly parents moved here to central Indiana and I began caring for them full time in their home. This of course resulted in the agonizing decision to close my farm and stables down, let go of my property and animals and retire permanently from the profession I loved for almost 40 years. However, as my parents full time in-home caregiver, I developed a stronger and more loving bond with them and ultimately, would not have traded those years with them, for anything.

During this time I dove head first back into the model animal hobby and a new passion was born, model customizing. I had dabbled with art, mainly painting, in my younger years but was always (except for time in high school) self-taught. I had taken some color theory and techniques classes on-line but for all intent and purposes, I learned through the school of hard knocks and as they say, practice... practice... practice! I read every book & article on the subject and watched as many different videos and IRL clinics and demonstrations as possible. I worked in every medium with as many different techniques as I could until I felt like I was making marked improvements. I refused to sell much of my early work as I didn’t feel it had the quality I was striving for, but I used every mistake as a learning opportunity.

Slowly I began to feel more confidant with all aspects of customizing - products, mediums, color-blending, techniques, finishing and re-sculpting. Oh, I still learn everyday and every piece brings me closer to that elusive muse... perfection, but in my attempt, I stay passionate about the art. Every piece I do, whether it be a sales piece or a commission, I hold near and dear to my heart and I love the time spent creating them and the people within the hobby that I have met along the way!

Thank you for looking at and considering my work, I truly appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you.

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