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This is a custom painted WIA model
This gorgeous Criollo stallion, striking out in mid-fight, is Erren.  He is the star of a German book, set in a world without humans, where horses rule.  Erren is the Robin Hood-like pirate leader who fights against the established rule of the royals.  The princess, enamored by his strength and courage, runs away to join him, and their adventures begin!  
I have painted him to a deep mahogany Bay with artist quality acrylics and sealed with UV protecting clearcoat. 5000 were made. 
These models are a semi-hard PVC that has to be prepped in a very meticulous way. After removing the logos and sanding, I coat them in 3 very thin acrylic gesso hand applied layers before priming. It takes a long time to do it this way but it insures long-lasting durability. They are smaller than Breyer's Classic scale, about the same as their Collecta models. All noticeable seams, logos and rough areas have been removed and sanded. Then model is thoroughly prepped and primed prior to painting.

WIA Bay Spanish Stallion

SKU: CM474-10001
  • Mfg.: WIA Scale: Venti 1:20

    Sculptor: Morgen Kilbourn Mold: Erren

    Weight: 1 lb.

  • If this custom piece just doesn't suit you, return it! You need to obtain a Return number from me. Items returned without a Return number can not be accepted. For further information on returns, go to the SHIPPING AND RETURNS page for all the details. You have 7 days to initiate a return for your Custom Piece. 

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