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These are three of the Breyer Clydesdale molds redone to represent one Shire stallion from the bright exuberance of youth, through the many layered changes of the teenage to young adult years, all the way to the stately elegance of an adult. With resculpted manes, tails and with some, even their faces, these three models from one mold show us the differences in an aging stallion. Painted using, artist quality acrylics, pastels and charcoals.

A Breyer Model that has been stripped of original color, logo removed, sanded and is given a new, one of a kind paint job. Sold together as a set for one price.

SM Moments In Time a Trilogy

SKU: SM486-5604
  • Manufacturer: Breyer Scale: Stablemate 1:32

    Sculptor: Kathleen Moody Mold: Clydesdale

    Weight: 6 oz.

  • Because I strive to keep the price of my custom stablemates as affordable as possible, please be aware that - "Custom Stablemates are not elegible for returns."

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