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Blank Ready to Paint Artist Resin Medallions
I am selling my second complete set of Unpainted, Kylee Parks, Studio Thornrose - Yellow Brick Road medallions from her 2021 S.T.A.G 2.0 Event. The set includes: Canary, Bumble Bee, Daffodil and Honey.

These are unpainted medallions in their original gold colored resin just as they came straight from Kylee. These can be prepped and painted like any resin or fit them together and display them as is! 

MD Complete Set of Yellow Brick Road Medallions

SKU: MD299-302
  • Mfg.: Studio Thornrose  Scale: Medallion

    Sculptor: Kylee Parks Mold: STAG 2.0 Set

    Weight: 1.2 lbs.

  • This set is not eligible for returns.

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