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Custom Painted Artist Resin
He is finally finished! Wow, the hours and hours of work have really paid off, in my opinion. But let me tell you about him.
This resin sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn is simply stunning! The dynamics in movement and expression on this Vladimir Heavy Draft are incredible and so beautifully represent this iconic Russian breed.  I have painted him to a Chestnut (red) Roan with artist quality acrylics, pastels and pigments and I then created his roaning with multiple hair by hair layers. I detailed his eyes and hooves in multiple layers and also gave him roan scars and Bend Or spots. This big boy will stand out in any crowd.

AR Viktor Vladimir Heavy Draft

SKU: AR038-001
  • Mfg.: Jolt Studio Scale: Traditional 1:9 scale
    Sculptor: Morgen Kilbourn Mold: Viktor
    Weight: 4.9 lbs.

  • If this custom piece just doesn't suit you, return it! You need to obtain a Return number from me. Items returned without a Return number can not be accepted. For further information on returns, go to the SHIPPING AND RETURNS page for all the details. You have 7 days to initiate a return for your Custom Piece. 

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