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Eohippus angustidens is a long extinct genus of equid ungulates. The only species is E. angustidens, which was long considered a species of Hyracotherium. Its remains have been identified in North America and date to the Early Eocene. Eohippus stood at about 30 cm (12 in), or 3 hands tall, at the shoulder. It has 4 toes on its front feet and 3 toes on the hinds, each toe ending in a hoof. Its incisors, molars and premolars resemble modern Equus. However, a differentiating trait of Eohippus is its large canine teeth.  
This is the extraordinary 3d resin print in Venti scale, of this ancestor to our beloved horse. Since nobody knows what these creatures actually looked like, Kitty Cantrell sculpted this piece using what anatomical info we do have on record and combined that with her innate sense of structure for equids. I painted it using other small woodland creatures as references. Painted by hand with artist quality acrylics. This piece has an attached stand and is slightly larger than a Breyer Stablemate.
I will be releasing this incredible sculpture as a Traditional scale Artist Resin in the near future as well.

AR Eohippus

SKU: AR478-083
  • Mfg.: Cantrell Studio Scale: Venti 1:20

    Sculptor: Kitty Cantrell Mold: Eohippus

    Weight: 6 oz.

  • If this custom piece just doesn't suit you, return it! You need to obtain a Return number from me. Items returned without a Return number can not be accepted. For further information on returns, go to the SHIPPING AND RETURNS page for all the details. You have 7 days to initiate a return for your Custom Piece. 

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