When I was a kid my dad had a Walker mare named Jubilee. She was a very dark, luscious black cherry color that just shone like polished ebony! My dad called that color Black Cherry and ever since, that is how I think of this color. This, slightly modified, Thoroughbred is that color. Deep, rich and lovely! Painted in professional quality Acrylics and Pigments. Sealed in a Satin clearcoat. This color takes a minimum of 15 very thin layers to achieve this richness, or at least I quit counting at 15!

SM - Cherry Boomerang

SKU: SM230-5602
  • Manufacturer: Breyer Scale: Stablemate 1:32

    Sculptor: Kathleen Moody Mold: Thoroughbred 

    Model: Custom

  • Because I strive to keep the price of my custom stablemates as affordable as possible, please be aware that - "Custom Stablemates are not elegible for returns."