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An Original Finish Breyer Model 
This model is New in Box, removed only for pictures. He comes with his Info brochure/COA and his Vintage style Picture Box.
From Breyer: Chris Hess’s Justin Morgan (mold #65) was both the second Breyer Morgan mold, and the second model based on the work of Marguerite Henry. In spite of his runner-up status, his good looks and pleasant demeanor won him many fans, and his original Bay release was a steadfast member of the Breyer line throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Never one to steal the limelight, most of Justin Morgan’s subsequent releases have been almost as plainly dressed as the first. For his Vintage Club release Go Figure – and to celebrate his fiftieth anniversary – we’ve decided to remedy that by giving him a very modern makeover in Silver Bay Pinto!

Breyer 2023 Vintage Club Go Figure

SKU: OF-712474
  • Manufacturer: Breyer Scale: Traditional 1:9 scale

    Sculptor: Chris Hess Mold: Justin Morgan

    Model: VC Go Figure

    Weight: 2.6 lbs.

    New In Box

  • Sales on New In Box, Original Finish models and Consignment models are final. However, if your model arrives damaged due to a shipping mishap, please check out our Return Policy on our SHIPPING AND RETURNS page for further information.

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