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Made only briefly in the 1980s, most Breyer collectors now consider vintage Breyer “Flockies” rare and elusive creatures. The 2022 Vintage Club release Gawain, on Karen Gerhardt’s Shannondell (mold #744), is directly inspired by one of these fuzzy treasures, a Special Run Collector’s Unicorn made for the 1984 J.C. Penney’s Christmas Catalog.

Unicorns were another novel idea Breyer began to explore in the 1980s, but unlike Flockies, they never really went away: in fact, they’re now more popular than ever!

Breyer’s Flockies often came outfitted with an assortment of accessories like tack, carts, and drivers; befitting his romantic and untameable nature, Gawain will instead come ornamented with a garland of roses. Gawain comes in a full-color box, complete with a booklet and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Breyer Vintage Club Gawain LE

SKU: OF712429
  • Manufacturer: Breyer  Scale: Traditional 1:9

    Sculptor: Karen Gerhardt  Mold: Shannondell  

    Model: Vintage Cub Gawain

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