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Custom Painted Artist Resin
This resin is one of the most innovative and creative models ever! It depicts a mare standing "knee deep" in a pool of water while she slakes her thirst with a long, deep drink. Her water is a set of translucent resin "plates" that her floating tail and legs fit into giving the impression that she is actually in water. Genius!

I have painted her to a soft milky, subtly dappled, buckskin, Sorraia mare with highly detailed mane and tail.
The Sorraia is a rare breed of horse indigenous to the portion of the Iberian peninsula, in the Sorraia River basin, in Portugal.

Painted using artist quality acrylics and pigments and sealed in multiple coats of matte UV protective clearcoat sealant. Her eyes and nostrils have been glossed.

AR Xlurpie

SKU: AR381-059
  • Mfg.: Jolt Studio Scale: Traditional 1:9
    Sculptor:  Morgen Kilbourn  Mold: Xlurpie
    Weight: 3 lbs

  • If this custom piece just doesn't suit you, return it! You need to obtain a Return number from me. Items returned without a Return number can not be accepted. For further information on returns, go to the SHIPPING AND RETURNS page for all the details. You have 7 days to initiate a return for your Custom Piece. 

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